Afgang 2020: Miguel Angel Crozzoli

(kandidat, music creation) OBS: Alle pladser optaget
12. aug. 2020

We listen to the sky beating strongly throughout the night and we see the gleaming shades of dense neutron stars. We become when they die, as we could not exist without these pulsating hearts.

The piece you are about to listen to is called 'Radio Pulsars' and belongs to a series of compositions that seeks to unveil a musical landscape centered on groundbreaking scientific discoveries.
In this specific composition, sounds from scientific data are performed through different techniques by a 13 piece ensemble called the Strangement Society.
A poetic journey takes place towards the wildest truths of the universe.

Read more on Miguel Angel Crozzoli's website.

Valeria Miracapillo - Electronics
Susana Nunes - Voice
Barbara Kammer - Viola
Ida Nørby - Cello
Petter Asbjørnsen - Double Bass
Asger Tjomsen - Double Bass
Cosimo Fiaschi - Soprano Sax
Jonas Engels - Clarinet
Calum Builder - Alto Sax
Nana Pi Aabo Larsen - Tenor Sax
Jon Sensmeier - Tenor Sax
Sara Bulili - Bassoon
Gabriel Eunice -  Stage Design
Miguel Crozzoli - Conduction

12. aug. 2020
20.10 til 20.50
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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