Important info about admission


All applicants must apply for admission online via RMC's Varbi Admission system.

The deadline for applications to all the Bachelor and Advanced Postgraduate Diploma programmes at RMC is 1 December at 23:59 CET. If these dates fall on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the deadline is 23:59 CET the first coming weekday. 

The deadline for applications to all Masters programmes at RMC is 28 February 2019 at 23:59 CET.

It is not possible to create, edit or complete an application after the deadline.


Applicants for a Bachelor or Advanced Postgraduate Diploma programme at RMC must pay an application fee of 500 DKK. The fee covers part of the costs associated with the entrance examination, and is non-refundable after the application deadline.

You pay by card via an online payment solution at Varbi Admission, when you have finished your application. RMC will not cover any fees associated with the payment.

Who can apply?

Anyone who meets admission requirements can apply for admission at Rhythmic Music Conservatory. There is no age limit for applicants, and you may apply an unlimited number of times. You can also apply for admission at other conservatories.

You can apply for several programmes at RMC at the same time. In order to do so, you must create as many applications in Varbi Admission system (and pay the application fee of 500 DKK for each application to the bachelor programmes and advanced postgraduate diplomas). Entrance examinations are not coordinated.

If you previously have finished a higher education, you are still able to apply, as the Danish law about restricting double-educations does not apply to RMC and other artistic educations under the Ministry of Culture. (Note that the law does apply the other way; if you finish an education from RMC, you will have to wait 6 years, before you are able to apply for another Danish higher education outside the Ministry of Cultures area).


For the bachelor programmes Music Performance, Composition and Music Production there are no requirements for a secondary degree or an equivalent degree. You are solely assessed on your entrance examination.

Applicants for the Music Management programme must have concluded an upper secondary school leaving examination (stx), a higher preparatory examination (hf), a higher commercial examination programme (hhx), a higher business examination programme (eux) or a higher technical examination programme (htx), or be able to document an equivalent, concluded study programme abroad. No exemptions will be made from these requirements. We also recommend that applicants have passed English and Mathematics at a minimum of B level. Note that this programme is only offered in Danish.

Applicants for the Masters programmes must have passed a relevant bachelor programme from either RMC, another Danish academy of music or a foreign academy of music.

Applicants who have already completed a master's programme or advanced postgraduate diploma (APD) at a Danish or foreign conservatory or the Operaacademy can only be admitted to a new master programme or APD if there are available study places. The same applies to applicants who have previously been enrolled twice in a master programme or APD without having obtained a final exam. 

The postgraduate programmes are aimed at professional musicians who have completed a Masters programme in rhythmic music, or who possess equivalent qualifications of the same standard, such as an artistic career at a high professional level.


On the pages describing the individual study programmes, you can read more about the form and content of the entrance examination for each programme.

It is not possible to do you entrance examination via Skype or any other streaming solution.

If you have more questions

In November, RMC holds an information meeting about the various Bachelor and Advanced Postgraduate Diploma programmes. The meeting takes place at RMC and is open to anyone interested. The exact date of the meeting will be announced on this website at the end of September.

If you have questions and you cannot find the answer on the web page, you are welcome to contact the programme coordinator. You can find contact details on the web page.


A limited number of applicants who are qualified for admission, but who have not been admitted due to the limited number of places available, may be offered a place on a waiting list. In the period up to 1 July, applicants on the waiting list may be offered admission.


Illness must be documented by medical certificate if you wish to have the opportunity to take a make-up entrance examination. RMC must receive the medical certificate no later than three days after the entrance examination was supposed to take place. RMC will determine the date of any make-up entrance examination, and you will be notified of this as soon as possible. It will not be possible to take the make-up examination at other times than those announced by RMC. You are responsible for paying the cost of the medical certificate.


Applications are accepted in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English.

Entrance examinations for the Bachelor programmes Composition, Music Production, Music Performance and for the Masters programmes Music Performance, Music Education and Nordic Master: The Composing Musician are normally held in Danish. If the applicant does not speak or understand Danish, the examination can be held in English.

The entrance examination for the Masters programme European Jazz Master and the Advanced Postgraduate Diploma programmes are always held in English.

The entrance examination for the Bachelor programme Music Management is always held in Danish.

Read more about RMC’s language policy here.

Financial information

Applicants for a Bachelor programme or a postgraduate diploma at RMC must pay an application fee of 500 DKK. The fee covers part of the costs associated with the entrance examination, and is non-refundable after the application deadline.

All programmes at RMC are approved for Danish SU (state educational grant).

The study programmes at RMC are free for Danish students and for students from EU/EEA countries. Students from countries outside the EU or EEA must generally pay a study fee – you can read more HERE. However, for all students some payments may be required in connection with study tours.

All programmes are full-time study programmes and attendance at tuition is compulsory. Therefore, you cannot expect to be able to pursue an active career alongside your studies. On the other hand, there will be ample opportunity for you to express yourself at RMC. Also, you should only have a limited amount of work alongside your studies.

Credit for previous studies

If you are admitted to RMC, you are obliged to provide information about any previous admission to study programmes at tertiary level, and what subjects or courses you have passed. This is necessary, as RMC are obliged to assess, whether you can transfer credit for one or more elements in the study programme.

NUMBER OF APPLICANTS in 2018 and study places:

  Applicants Study places
BA, Music Performance 240 16
BA, Composition 281 10
BA, Music Production 110 6
BA, Music Management 86 6
MA, Music Creation 40 8
MA, Music Education 4 6
MA, Music Performance 50 15
MA, Europen Jazz Master   2
Nordic Master: The Composing Musician   2
APD, Performance 17 3
APD, Composition 8 3